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Walt Disney Studios Park


Walt Disney Studios® Park

Right next door to Disneyland® Park, discover the magical world of cinema and television at Walt Disney Studios® Park – 4 cinemagical ‘lots’, featuring thrilling attractions and spectacular shows with your dreams centre-stage.


Front Lot

You’re on-set at Disney Studio 1 for the shooting of a motion picture production. Props, sets and famous faades surround you. It’s your moment to shine!






Production Courtyard

Filming, film sets, studio life, costumes. Get wise to the secrets of the TV and cinema world. Then go and try it all out on a thrilling virtual roller coaster ride and so much more.







Hot cars! Hot rocks! Red-hot special effects! This is where you’ll see the most incredible car stunts plus some hair-raising special effects and rides. Particularly appealing to older kids, teens and adults.




Toon Studio

The history and secrets of Disney animation colourfully revealed for all. Marvel at the work of the master animators who gave the 20th Century some of its greatest animated characters. Recommended for children.




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